Monday, April 2, 2007


I'm stealing this idea from Laini's earlier post...

Goals in Fives

The next five days:
1. Write another chapter
2. Clean my house top to bottom (mother-in-law is coming to town)
3. Read something for pleasure
4. See a movie alone with my husband
5. Sleep more than four hours in a row

The next five months:
1. Finish my first draft
2. Finish my second draft!
3. Find a part-time nanny or babysitter
4. Read ten novels
5. Buy Laini's new book!

The next five years:
1. Get my book published
2. Write two more books
3. Have another baby
4. Help my husband start his PhD
5. Move to Colorado (or somewhere equally invigorating)

That's my message out to the Universe!

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Laini Taylor said...

Hey, thanks for putting my book on your list, Amber! That will be an easy to cross off the list. Good luck with all the others. It's kind of crazy to stop for a second and think of the books that are taking form in the world out there, minute by minute, isn't it? The stories being told here and there? I really hope you make good progress on yours in the coming months -- I'm fascinated by the subject, so I'm eager for you to get it finished!