Thursday, April 12, 2007

Drive Thrus and Breakthroughs

Elizabeth was super tired this morning (could it have been her lack of sleep from 2:30am-4am???), but she wouldn't lay down for a nap, so I did the sneaky mom trick and took her out for a drive. While driving, I got a brilliant idea: find a drive thru Starbucks or Anti-Corporate Coffee place, get my usual, and get home with a mind full of writing ideas and a bloodstream full of green tea caffeine. Yes, green tea caffeine differs from regular caffeine. You see, it's green, and therefore full of color and inspiration. So what's the breakthrough? I have found a way to get my fingers tapping on the keyboard!

So, I am off to save the day in my novel. Well, ok, really to make the day really difficult for my heroine. It would be terribly tedious to take away the tension, don't you think? (a bit of alliteration, whoo hoo!)

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Laini Taylor said...

Hi Amber! The best writer's workshop I ever took, with the most practical advice, included this: "Never let the character forget his/her motivation or stop acting on it. AND never stop blocking his motivation. The author is a rascal, rooting for his protagonist while thwarting him." And at another c conference, an editor said something like 'First you have to put you character in a tree. Then you have to throw stuff at them."
Funny! And beware the driving your child to sleep. Seriously, to this day, I canNOT stay awake in cars!!