Thursday, April 19, 2007

Drill, Knit and Paint

In an ideal world, I'd have hours upon hours to write, but this weekend is going to be Computer-Phone-DVD Free. We are going to do some home improvement. Yay! I'm banking on the idea that a beautiful, organized home will bring the Muse here to visit a long while.

1) Jim is going to FINALLY finish the bannister. That way, no one will fall onto the couch if they should slip off the stairs. When we moved here, there weren't ANY bannisters, and I was always wary of walking on the stairs in socks. See how there are stairs going down on the other side? Scary!
2) We are repainting the kitchen. It's something we've been meaning to do for months. It'd be great if we could get a new stove, fridge, and cabinets, but paint is something that will change the look drastically without costing too much. It should be fun, too. Here's how the kitchen looks now. Yes, it's blah. Just wait for the color update!
3) When we're done with these projects, we're going to scrub down the house.

How's that for a Spring Makeover?

And for my knitting addition, here's a picture of what I've done so far. It's my first-ever knitted project, as you can see by the stitches (particularly the earlier ones). That really wide stitch - that was with baby-on-lap.
And just because I'm having fun with iPhoto today, here's a picture of Elizabeth and me last night just before bedtime:ZZZZZZZZZZ

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