Monday, November 15, 2010

new website

I am writing, really, but not exactly at NaNo speeds. Instead, I've been gearing up for a craft fair and getting myself set up online. It's a little scary setting up my website and throwing myself to the wind, but it had to be done. ( I wouldn't have even done it if my neighbor-friend hadn't gotten my domain name within an hour of me mentioning I needed help getting my shop up and running.

So I am swamped, to say the least. The next few days, we're having the windows replaced (thanks to the City of Syracuse, I might add) so I won't be allowed to be home. The kids and I will find elsewhere to hang out during the day, and I'll have to do my craft-making and writing on the fly. At least we'll be warmer this winter, and the lead risk will be lower.

And then Saturday, I'm doing my first craft fair. I am petrified no one will buy a single thing and this will all flop, but my skin has thickened since I first began sending out agent queries long ago. If I fail at this, I will be saddened and disheartened, but not dead. If I fail at ever getting a novel published, well...let's not discuss that now.

Off to bed now. Must wake up early and pick up the house/gather what I need for the day/get Eldest to preschool.