Friday, April 27, 2007

working for money

As much as I would prefer to be a stay-at-home novel-writing mom, I have to transition into a working-full-time novel-writing mom. At least until my writing pays off, which will be in ... five years?

I am blaming the housing market on this one because if it had not taken a dive just after we bought our townhome, we'd have sold this place and moved somewhere cheaper. San Diegan weather be damned. I'd take rain, wind, lightning, snow, and drizzle over congested, crowded, and expensive sunshine any day of the week. It rained last Friday as I was lying in bed nursing Elizabeth, and I nearly dozed off to the pattering on the roof. It was beautiful, and I realized how much I miss it.

Bleh. Working for money. Now I have to scour the classifieds and job market for a job that is flexible, pays well, and interesting. Do they exist? I did find one as a Background Investigator and I applied for that. The best part of the application for that job was a spelling check. The quiz was online and quite fun! (Yes, I'm a geek.) I guess they don't want peple with poor grammar and spelling to be writing up investigation reports. Hopefully, I'll get that job because a) I can work mostly from home and set my own schedule, b) it sounds like fun, c) I won't have to look for any more jobs, d) I'll get to wear suits when I'm out doing interviews.

I've never worn a suit before. (Unless you count the fashion-backward Military Service Dress. I'd post a picture of me in that on here, but the internet would crumble.)

Oh, yes, we did paint the kitchen. Rather - paintING. It is taking much longer than anticipated. One thing I've learned is that I am completely out of touch with reality. (For some reason I am always finding myself re-learning that one.)
Reasons we are still painting:
1. Blue walls and green cabinets are not a good combo, no matter how much you may like those colors individually. Especially when the green reminds you of a Carnival Fun House.
2. Babies like to side-swipe painted walls.
3. Cabinets just take a long time to paint, dry, paint.
4. I am too wishy-washy with colors. Even now, I am unsure about the blue walls and white cabinets. We'll see...

Yes, I've rambled. You get a gold star for reading this far along.

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