Monday, April 16, 2007

I have a Title!!!

In the six months since I have started my novel, I've hemmed and hawed over a title. Recently, I've been calling it Rohana because that was the best I could do, but I didn't like it. It was boring, and I knew that some day, probably nearer to the end of completion, the title would come to me. It did - today! I am in shock...

The inspiration came when flipping through some pictures of the Chatham Islands and I saw this picture:
The title of my novel is now Growing Against the Wind. It's perfect in so many ways, but you'd have to read the book to find out. ;-)

THIS is why I am writing my story. Take a look at this graph (I know, it's tiny), depicting the population of the Moriori:
See the drop right in the mid-1830's? That's when my book begins...

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Laini Taylor said...

Ugh. That graph is completely horrifying. Having read a wee bit about your subject, I know that a line on a graph cannot begin to convey HOW horrifying. I can't remember if you said you had, but the opening of the book Cloud Atlas deals with the Chathams, perhaps during this period. I didn't read the whole book, but found that part fascinating. As for the title: YAY! The pic is great, the title very suggestive. Go with it! I had a hard time with titles for Blackbringer. It's weird because I love titles and have often come up with a good title BEFORE writing the book or story; but the projects that have been the most dear to me were all ones that I had trouble naming; don't know why. Congrats!