Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Hello There

I am way too frazzled to be a religious blogger right now.

And this is why:

I've been very busy and am very tired. My husband has been absent, mostly, due to finals weeks being in progress. I've had some felting orders to fill (yay) and have only one more left to do (a boxed set of monogramed ornaments...I'm rather sick of ornaments at the moment, even if they are cute). My daughter had croup last week and was sick, and now my son has a different, more wet cough going on. There's like four feet of snow outside (I'm not exaggerating...last night someone pulled into our driveway to turn around and got stuck, and we had to go out there at 11 to shovel them out). I've got some stupid sinus thing and my house looks like it puked on itself. Plus I've discovered that my son can now a), open the fridge; b), climb onto the counter and help himself to the cake sprinkles and then pour them ALL into a cup and then carry around said sprinkles and munch on them happily without me noticing for a whole five minutes; and c), pull the xmas tree lights out of the socket and put them back in to make the lights flicker. All because I was trying to clean upstairs a bit. Oh, and I've got a neighbor telling me that having my kids watch movies is rotting their brains and she won't let her son watch a movie, especially a DISNEY movie; he'll watch Hitchcock if he's going to watch ANYTHING. And I've been trying to write and wrap presents and figure out what to give teachers and try to remember that it's already past dinner time and I should start thinking about going to the grocery store to expand our pantry choices beyond ramen. Oh, and last night my daughter decided to wake up at 2 a.m. because she was hungry, and she NEEDED MOMMY to sit with her and I couldn't get her asleep until 5 a.m., after I gave her a dose of homeopathic "sleep aid." After which I felt guilty for ten minutes, until she actually went to sleep. And then I was worried she'd never wake up and it'd be my fault, but then sleep overcame me and we woke up at 9, just when we were supposed to be leaving the house for an appointment.


Ok. Must stop so I can blow my nose.

Ciao, happy holidays, etc.