Monday, May 2, 2011

The End of Naps, and Other Things

My son is awake and about to tip over a small vase, so this will be short:

We've cut out naps. It's not that my son doesn't nap anymore, but that when he does, he won't go to sleep at night. So now he's awake.

It's new, and interesting. What do I do now that I can't get work done during "nap time?" Or can I? Today we hit the grocery store. Long time coming, too. And now we're going to sit together and chill on the couch with a LeapFrog video. And then we might go outside and blow bubbles, if the rain lets up. Or we'll do laundry together. Or we'll sort out the attic.

That's something we really need to do because we're moving YET AGAIN. For those of you who know me personally, you'll remember that we moved across the country in 2007. Across town in 2008. And then to New York State in 2009. We got a break last year, thank goodness. This year we must purge, pack up, and move our stuff from one house to another. AGAIN. We're staying in the same town. Same neighborhood, even, but renting a whole house has become too expensive, so we're getting a flat. It'll be exciting. Like in Coraline. Remember how she shared a house and the guy upstairs had that rat circus? And in the basement were those ladies who were stuck in their theatrical pasts? Maybe we'll have incredibly interesting housemates who will change our lives forever. (You should say that in your best Eddie Izzard voice.)

[Note: LeapFrog's Math on the Moon is cheesy, but my son isn't moving and wide-eyed. Either it's fantastic or his brain is getting fried. What if there was some sort of subliminal message in the video aimed at getting kids to disobey their parents? Don't Eat Your Veggies. Or Poop in Your Pants.]

There is water spread all over the coffee table from that vase and I don't even feel like cleaning it up. I'm going to lie down on the couch and pretend I'm at some tropical resort and have just finished my massage and Henry is playing happily with his sister and daddy in the tide.........