Monday, March 26, 2007

Back Home

A trek across the western hinterlands with a ratio of one adult to one baby and one dog is something I would only try once.

That said, I want to move to Colorado or Utah. (But mostly Colorado.) It is beautiful, and the wide open areas are covered in grasses and fir trees, not cacti and joshua trees like Southern Cal. In fact, the expanse is what drives me to want to move. I'm tired of living in a town house, not having a yard, and living in a neighborhood that is a street with two dead-ends, surrounded by a golf course we won't ever want to belong to. (Unless they put up a mini-golf area...)

My parents live in a town house too, but they've got a yard that backs up on Cherry Creek State Park. Every morning, I took Silver out on a walk there, leash-free. She loved it. It's something she'd never be allowed to do here, and the mountain range in the background was splendid. She liked to lay out on the yard, surveying the mountains as if she owned them. Here's a pic of Silver at Vale Pass.

Along the way, I took some pictures. I first got the idea when passing a live-stock trailer that had somehow opened up on the highway and let out sheep. They stopped, and fortunately I didn't see any hurt sheep, but it looked like the whole town had gathered to corrall the sheep on the side of the road. I tried to inconspicuously take a pic while driving past. That picture didn't come out too great, so here's one of the best street in the US... and it's in the middle of nowhere, California.

I also got some writing done in Colorado, thanks to my mom. I re-wrote two chapters and outlined some more.

So, now we've got to get back into a routine. Elizabeth is trying to walk now. TRYING. All she does now is pull herself up on something, let go, and fall. She hits her head a lot, and I feel bad, but I think it's a right of passage. (I sound awful!) She doesn't hurt herself badly, though. She mostly cries because she's so frustrated.

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Laini Taylor said...

Welcome home! Colorado sounds wonderful -- I've never been. I'm not a big SoCal fan. That's where I went to highschool. I think if you're rich the LA area could be tolerable, but only if you're rich! Good luck to Elizabeth with the walking -- though from what I hear, once that starts, it's a whole new level of vigilance and chasing -- so good luck to you, too!!