Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sheba Gold

I'm plunging back into my research for my work-in-progress novel and having a blast on YouTube. I just watched a video done by Discovery Channel and BBC a few years ago on the Queen of Sheba mystery and current archaeology persuits. It's fantastic, and I want to buy it, but it's not available anywhere. Argh.

The clip I included is a 2:37 photo montage about Yemen, Sheba (Saba), the Great Dam of Marib, and other things I've researched. I didn't make the video, but did chuckle through it as it showed covers of books I've bought recently for research and other photos I've seen. Wish I could go to Marib!

I want to make this novel rich with detail, truth, and mystery. Sounds good, right? This book is going to be a joy to write and research!


cindy said...

i love research! yay! can't wait to read more of ali's (mis)adventures. =) you did pack the mythology book i brought for you, right??

Angela said...

v cool
looking forward to your notes from LA.

Amber Lough said...

Cindy-- I did pack that book, and it's really cool. I forgot about the Iris Murdoch one, though. :-(

Angela-- I don't know when, if ever, I'll post notes. I might just copy links from other bloggers. Lazy, yes, but I've got about zero time.

Edith said...

Your WIP sounds really interesting! And so does the research. :)

cindy said...

amber, the murdoch mine was MINE to read. hahah! i love that you thought i brought it for you. i don't know *anyone* who reads murdoch. i love her stories!!