Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Starbucks' fault

I'm up way, way too late. I've been critiquing some submissions I've received in preparation for the workshop I'm teaching on Monday, and because I was rather incoherent all day due to being unable to sleep last night, I opted for a Grande Nonfat Green Tea Latte with two extra scoops of matcha powder. It's like a double-espresso green tea.

Actually, I got two, but the first one ended up on the floor and spread into a circle of about five feet. The very kind baristas gave me a new one for free. :-)

I might have ended all the critiques I needed to do, but I got booted out at 9:30 because they were closing (What?! But it's Starbucks!) and ended up spending too much time online at home. *sigh*

So, yeah, here I am, unable to sleep or read or critique any more. What else is there to do but blog?

Good news: I'm querying agents for my first novel, ROHANA, and one of them asked me for the "full" this evening. Cross your fingers, pray, or chant on your beads that he devours it quickly and calls me up soon, asking if he can represent me for life! If he rejects it, I'll just curl up and cry for a moment or two, then get back to work. It's the way the writing world turns, I've discovered.

Now, here's my inspirational photo for the night:


cindy said...

wishing you oodles of luck on the full! our starbucks shuts at 9.30pm, too.

Elise Murphy said...

Good luck good luck good luck!!! Can I say that one more time? Good luck!

You're a rock star.