Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zoos and a Snooze

Well, just one zoo, actually: the Denver Zoo. Elizabeth and I took a spontaneous trip out to Denver to stay with my parents while Jim was away at a conference, so we went to the zoo yesterday. My parents didn't go (they work--I mean, who does that?), but E-beth and I had a great time strolling around. The zoo is fantabulous, and I think, maybe better than the San Diego Zoo. (For some reason, saying that feels like heresy.) We had a few arguments over hats (like, she wasn't allowed to do anything or see anything unless she had her hat on), but overall, we had a blast. She especially like the "choo choo" and the other "choo choo" (the carousel).

Today, I took her to the Children's Museum. We were only inside for a little over an hour (the A/C was on full-blast and I couldn't stand it), but it was fun. They have a room decorated like a little village, complete with carpeted streams, bridges, fake trees, tree-house houses, an apothecary, a fake garden, and a little boat you can fish from (magnetic fish, of course). Awesome. Then we went upstairs so she could play dress-up and dance in front of the mirror. Then we went back downstairs and sat in on a reading of Green Eggs and Ham, and the kids got to eat real green eggs! I thought she wouldn't like them, considering she turns her nose up at yellow eggs, but lo and behold she asked for more. Four times!

And now, she is napping. Oh, a glorious day! I'm about to do a critique for my writing group. It's something I have to do (and like to do), but it's also, I have to say, a way to procrastinate. I've been doing that a lot lately. I don't know why. Is it because the past month was very difficult with E-beth? Or maybe I'm having a hard time just getting started? Or maybe I'm stalling because I'm feeling pretty low about writing in general since I haven't heard back about Rohana? Who knows. Maybe it's just because I'm lazy and pregnant.

One good thing is that one of my writing group friends just got THREE OFFERS for her book, all from really great publishing houses. It's just amazing! I'm so happy for her, especially since she's part of my "group." And a really cool writer-artist lady. (And she'll read this eventually, so I have to pump her up!)


cindy said...

*hugs* don't be down on yourself amber. the fact that you wrote a book while being a full time mother is already amazing! go with your instincts and gut about the second novel and process.

you are doing fantastic as both mother and writer!

Sustenance Scout said...

Ditto what Cindy said, Amber! And so sorry I missed you on your Denver visit! Sounds like it was quick and fun, and now you're off on yet another adventure. Glad Miss E. has decided to take a nap now and then...maybe a growth spurt? Whatever works! K.