Sunday, May 4, 2008


I just watched the first installment of "Cranford" on PBS and have just recovered from my tears. (I cannot stand to see children die in movies.) Still, it is well-done and would not let me leave my seat (not that I was trying). Since I had not realized it was part 1 of 3, I was completely shocked when it suddenly stopped. Now, I'll be useless to my family next Sunday night when it comes on again!


cindy said...

i saw this in my pbs mag (i don't usually pay much attention to pbs programming) and tivoed it! haha! we are such nerds. boo on kids dying, tho. =(

Elizabeth said...

I'm stuck on the Tudors, very good mini series. But I will have to watch for this one.
I stopped by based on the title of your blog. I also write during naps and whenever else I can get away with it. Good stuff.