Friday, May 2, 2008

the family circus

Tuesday afternoon, we took Elizabeth to her first circus. Not quite Cirque du Soleil, but it was a good sized one for a toddler. Plenty of camels, elephants, ponies, and clowns.

Of course, if we'd known she was coming down with something, we might not have taken her.

And here's our first decent family portrait in months and months:

This afternoon, we reclaimed a corner of our yard from Silver (she likes to dig up the grass) and planted some tomato plants we had grown from seedlings a month or so ago. It was long past due for the poor plants, as they'd grown into knots in their little pot. Elizabeth helped out with the digging and soil-mixing, of course. She's a good soil mixer.

And, just because it's cute, a picture from last Saturday when we went to the Greenwell State Park (note the fact she's in the river fully clothed):


cindy said...

love the family foto, amber! and the others, too. you look great! hope you're both feeling better.

Sustenance Scout said...

I love these photos, Amber! Elizabeth is getting so big. Glad she's over the croup/ear infection (no fun). And YES the sun has finally decided to stick around here in least until Tuesday, when the temps are supposed to drop again. Whatever works! Happy Mother's Day! K.