Saturday, May 24, 2008

Toddler Irony

My blog is named nap-time writer, right? And you have read me complain about how she does not nap regularly, right? Well, on our way to a birthday party, as I was talking up the pizza and presents, she passed out. When we got there, I changed her clothes. She stayed asleep. And moaned.

She slept in her stroller for another hour, amidst shrieking kindergartners hopped up on sprite and cake. The whole time, I pondered her logic: Why now? Why nap when it's ok to be awake and have fun? Why sleep through this when you refuse to sleep through my writing time?

At least she was cute as she napped in her Ariel nightgown at the PJ party. ;-)

Tomorrow, we fly back to D.C. Then on Tuesday, we're flying to Orlando for my cousin's high school graduation. I'm beginning to wonder about my sanity when I booked these flights...


Val said...

It seems she is teasing you.
Motherhood (Gr?) give you strength.

Laini Taylor said...

Yeesh! You're all over the country. And Elizabeth's nap logic is distressing. I wish I could give her my nap habit for you: every day (almost) around 2:30 - 3:30. Today, though, I was reading such a good book I didn't fall asleep!

Elise Murphy said...

Hmm . . .perhaps the new one will be a super-napper! My first stopped napping when she was two, and the twins napped until they were five! They do seem to smell the need to write on me and suddenly, desperately need me for all sorts of tasks.