Friday, February 8, 2008

Wearing Out

I worked out again this morning and then had to take a bath at naptime to soften the muscles in my aching back and shoulders. And quads. And abs.

Even though tomorrow is Saturday, I am not throwing in the towel yet--I'm doing a spin class.

Yes, all of this is to detract the wandering mind (have they read my book yet?), purge the anxiety (what if they don't like it?), and burn off the cookies and apple pie (yum!).

Now, off to yet another hot bath and then I shall cuddle up with a book (I'm reading Sold, by Patricia Mccormick) before I drift off to sleep. Until 3, when Elizabeth will come running into the room, wailing for her nursing.

Oh, this is funny (kinda): last night, when Jim went downstairs to get her some tylenol, she got a little freaked out and sprinted into our bedroom--straight into my night stand. She fell back flat on her back, stunned. And then she cried. I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing as I picked her up and rocked away the pain and shock of wooden-night-stand-in-the-face.

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