Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kickboxing and New Projects

In an attempt to put my worries and anxieties about my submission aside, I've been taking classes at the gym with one of my friends. Tuesday, we did the "bodypump" class, which meant weight lifting to music for a whole hour. My body quivered at the end of class and I was essentially drained for two days. Today, to fight off lethargy, I went to the kickboxing class. And it kicked my butt. I do feel better, if not tired, so it was a wise move. Otherwise, I'd have been moping around the house all day, trying to convince Elizabeth to play by herself.

This napping session (i.e., while Elizabeth is comatose for the next hour or so), I'm going to sketch out some ideas for my next book. I'm smiling at the moment thinking about it, because sketching is fun and carefree!

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Anonymous said...

yay for exercise! i do the cardio kickboxing on saturday mornings when there isn't a writing meeting. =) talk to you manana! cindy