Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm still brainstorming my next book. I found out that the USA wasn't in the International Mathematical Olympiad in the 60s, when I wanted to place my next story. In fact, they didn't go to the competition until 1974. So now...I don't know. I've got some decisions to make and some research to do.

Other than that, my mind has been absorbing as much Jane Austen movies as it can. Last night I watched the second part of Pride and Prejudice, which I haven't seen in years, and today during lunch, I watched Northanger Abbey for the first time. The movies on PBS are all good, but with the exception of P&P, they are too short. I feel I've missed something, so of course I have to now go get the book.

It may sound as if all I do is read and write, but I do play with Elizabeth an awful lot, try out new dinner recipes, and work out. See? I'm not flat. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

i am query obssessed! i have queried over 70 agents now. and still researching. going to query until my taiwan trip next week. i am looking forward to the windsor documentaries at the end of this month on pbs. =) cindy