Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Green Tea Caffeine

Well, no more of that after dinner! I can't sleep, so I'm doing some research, which leads me next to what I really meant to say in this post: green tea ignites my muse. It does, honestly. For the past week, I've hemmed and hawed over what to write. The math geniuses story was growing dull in my mind each day as I pondered what kind of writer I am. Do I have a particular style? Should I be writing a particular type of novel? The jump from nineteenth-century polynesian genocide to modern-day math geeks was too big, so I'm going backwards even further in time now.

How about an ancient tale? No, not your average Brothers Grimm retelling, but a story drawn from the wells of Africa.

Yes, I'm thinking...a love story, a mix of cultures, and a bit of agony in the birthplace of humanity--Ethiopia.

I feel like this is one I can really write. Math? What was I thinking? ;-)

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Sustenance Scout said...

Hi Amber! Good on you to keep plugging when the first idea didn't pan out. Love the photos; Elizabeth's gotten so big! Take care and enjoy the first signs of spring! K.