Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A So-Called SoCal Escape

Some of you know how Jim and I have been hemming and hawing the past year about moving away from San Diego. Yes, it's beautiful here. Yes, it's sunny. Yes, it's warm year-round. Yes, it's crowded and expensive. Then you heard us complaining about how we bought this house (so expensive) just before the housing market started to slide downhill, and about how we'd gotten ourselves stuck in a place we're not that enamored with anymore.

Well, the tides have turned. As the saying goes, we're going to cut our losses and run. We will sell our house this summer (hopefully) and move to Denver for a bit until Jim gets accepted into a grad school.

We've got a #1 choice right now: University of Oregon. Not only does the school and PhD program seem great, but the town (Eugene) does, too. They even have a Japanese Language Immersion elementary school there, so all the Japanese I've been teaching Elizabeth won't be for naught. (No, she can't speak Japanese yet. She can't really speak English yet, except the cat's name. Oh, wait. The cat has a Japanese name. Hmm...) We've also got some other grad schools on the list that he'll apply for this winter (like University of New Hampshire, University of Washington, and others). He just needs to study a lot and take the GREs. Good for him. I'm glad I don't have to do it!

The best part of leaving San Diego is that we'll be finding a place that will allow us both to pursue our dreams. He can work towards his Physics goals, and I write. Some day, we will have the cute little house of our dreams, and he'll bike to the University to do research while I sip tea in my office and dream up fantastic characters with challenging storylines. And Elizabeth will go to school. :-)

We're both excited, but have heaps of work to do to get the house ready. Fortunately, he has another 3-day weekend coming up. He told me last night that his Command (his temp job until August) gives a day off for every 40 days they don't have an alcohol-related incident. Unfortunately, a ship is coming back soon, and that usually makes them start from scratch. Drunken sailors - cliche, yes, but true.

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Laini Taylor said...

Oh Amber -- I hope he gets into Oregon! I highly recommend it. It is so EASY to live here. Inexpensive, casual, with so many beautiful places to go. fingers crossed for you! And if you come up scouting, come all the way up to Portland and say hi. And really: Japanese? How do you speak Japanese? That's so cool.