Monday, May 7, 2007

The Great Outdoors

We went on a picnic yesterday. :-) If you ever want to distract a baby, offer up a water bottle. It's amazing what plastic and liquid can provide for entertainment. That, and twigs and bits of grass.

And what else goes with the Great Outdoors?? Outdoor clothing and gear! I applied for a job as a copywriter in an outdoor clothing catalogue... in Wyoming. We'll see how that goes. Not having spent much time in the State of Wyoming, I don't have much to judge it by, but it's certainly cheaper than San Diego. Probably less traffic, too. More horses and cows, I'd imagine. Wasn't it Wyoming that first allowed women to vote? (I'll have to look that up...)

Well, the child has turned into a Screaming Banshee, so I must quit for now. Cheers!

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Matt said...

Indeed, Wyoming established broad suffrage rights for women, even before it became a state. It's a brackish conservative backwater now, though, although that's largely a function of lacking any urban areas rather than anything in the water.

BTW, I've been reading your blog religiously for months.