Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Modest Mouse and a Modest Day

Yesterday, Jim and I dropped the babe off at a friend's house and went to the Modest Mouse concert. It was great for a few key reasons, the first being that we got out of the house without the Queen and the second being we got to see a great band. The only downside was that they played in a basketball stadium, and with the metal rafters, the acoustic resonance was a bit painful (i.e., screechy metallic sounds bouncing from the ceiling). They did play some great songs, though.

While there, I actually thought about what I would say in this blog. Now, however, it all seems silly - that which I can remember, anyway.

Today, I went to the doc for pain meds. I've been unsuccessfully "dealing with it" and Jim got tired of my whining. The culprit for the pain? Carrying around an infant. Apparently, even an infant in the 3rd percentile in weight (yes, THIRD) is heavy. She weighs in at 15lb 9oz. Her doctor said I need to try feeding her more. She, who cannot bother to sit still long enough to eat! At any rate, I came home armed with a wrist brace that looks like a gauntlet, motrin, and muscle relaxant.

She's teething (I think). I felt really bad for her because most of the day passed with pitiful cries. I tried to soothe her, but nothing much worked. She is usually all-action, but today she just wanted me to hold her while she turned in circles on my lap and cried. For me, it wasn't much fun. I don't think she enjoyed it much either. At the moment, she's fitfully asleep with her warm daddy. I should go join them - it's late!

I apologize about the tone in this post - the computer is slowing down, my fingers are cold, and I am exhausted. Time for those muscle relaxants...

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