Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Super Secret WIP

Jacqui Robbins gave me a great idea yesterday to keep myself writing every day, even if I don't feel like working on my "out in the open" projects. I tried her suggestions (demands, really) and discovered that my internal editor was penned in. She didn't feel like chirping up because it would have been a waste of her time. After all, this is a novel no one will ever see.

Brilliant, really.

I'll keep you posted on word count, just because I like to brag, but you won't have a clue what it's all about. Tee hee.

In other words, I just discovered a musician that apparently everyone had already heard about but I had not, having been in a daze the past few years. I am in love. With Regina Spektor. She comes very, very close to Tori Amos. If I weren't so nostalgic about Tori....(who, by the way, singlehandedly supported me through high school).

Oh! Oh! Oh! I cannot forget: I won. I won the jody call contest at Sara Lewis Holmes' site. And I get a prize! (A signed copy of OPERATION YES! delivered by a person in uniform.)


Deborah Freedman said...

I knew you would win!

Jacqui said...

Me too!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I LOVE Regina Spektor. She is so orignal - and brave, I think, to do such unusual things with her voice!

I love the idea of a super-secret novel, as well. I'm working on one too! Planning to finish it for Nano. It's a great break from the pressure of the one I've just finished.

A xx

a cat of impossible colour said...

Oh no, sorry to hear the plague has visited your house this weekend! Hope it clears up soon, and that someone makes you a nice cup of tea.