Friday, October 16, 2009

Novel Wordles!

This is a wordle of ROHANA, my first novel. Isn't it beautiful? You can see which words I overused, but you can also see what's at the heart of the novel. Matioro is the primary antagonist and Rohana is the main character.

Here's one of my current YA Work-in-Progress:

And here's one from my MG WIP:

Can you tell I've had too much coffee and sugar this morning??


Kelly said...

I love these! I just saw this on Agent Nathan's blog and wordled my wip too! I love it! Fun wordles, I may have to put mine up too!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm going to paste mine on my blog soon!

Ron Smith said...

Those are cool and so much fun. To see your characters' names and story ideas in one big group is an interesting exercise