Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trip to England--Part Two

I haven't downloaded all the pics yet, so you'll just have to deal with what you get! :-)

The first thing we did in England was check out the playground, naturally:

Then we walked around the RAF base and saw the famous Priory, which is reportedly haunted. (Aren't all old English buildings?) We would have eaten dinner there, but we couldn't find a babysitter and the Brits aren't as easy-going about bringing kids into nice restaurants--not that we wanted to try that!

Next to the Priory was a dumpster with an old tricycle next to it, which Elizabeth saw instantly. We "borrowed" it for the whole time we were there and then dropped it off at the dumpster on our way out. (She wasn't happy about that, and in fact, this morning the first thing she said was, "I want bicacle."

Next, we went to a safari park in which you drive through the exhibits. And yes, that is a monkey, and it's sitting on the moonroof of our car.

And at the same safari park, we got a little bit closer to some tiny monkeys:

Now, the rest of the pics are on another card which will take eons to download as Jim was a bit trigger-happy with his new camera. (We must have thousands of pics on it!)

And for those interested: we are having a boy. :-) I'm very happy to be having one of each, but now I'll have to search out for a new name. "Penelope" just won't do now, will it?


Val said...

Congrats! :-))

cindy said...

what about percival? =)

i love the fotos!
can't wait to see the other thousand.