Friday, January 25, 2008

When Daddy's Gone

Last month, we "trained" Elizabeth to go to sleep with her father instead of me. (She slept in our bed for 15 months, but after all-night-nursings began to drive me up the wall, we moved her to her own little bed in her own little room.)

The past few nights, Jim has been in Pensacola for work, and she has not been that happy about it. (Which means, neither have I.) She's fine with having me put her down for naps, but not at bedtime. Last night, she slept for an hour and then wouldn't go back to sleep until two, in my bed. She cried out for daddy, too. Tonight, it took me two hours to get her to stay asleep.

On the bright side, she says "oval" now. The scary thing, though, is that all of a sudden she has begun saying "no" for everything. Do you want yogurt? No. Do you want a cookie? No. Do you want milk? No. Do you want to go outside? No. Do you see a monkey on this page? No. (And there were two.) Is this a bird? No. (It was a parrot.)

It's cute and funny now, but will have me pulling my hair out in a few months, I'm sure.

Well, off to bed for me!

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