Monday, January 28, 2008

The Next One

I'm on page 198 of my third draft, and I'm stuck. I've got to add a new scene, but whenever I look at the page, my mind wanders. I've only got maybe fifteen minutes left of nap time, so it's not worth getting bogged down anyway.

So the next-best thing is to start jotting down notes for my next book. I'm really excited about it! The Cold War, two teenaged math wizards, a math competition in London, and a CIA/KGB blowup---what could be more fun to write about? It's history, mystery, math (with help from Dad and Jim b/c I never got past Calculus), romance, war, and cultural confusion!

It will be quite a change to go from genocide to international math geeks, but I'm stoked. :-) Plus, those four years of Russian language, history, and culture I dealt with in college will finally pay off.

So...on to my notebook.

Do Svedanya!

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Val said...

Hmm....I'm fascinated.