Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My eyes are welling up in tears as I type this. Such strange, beautiful emotions come from printing off a final draft. My first final draft. Tomorrow, I'm sending it to New York.

I am tempted to get back into the story and work out some things that I feel aren't quite there, but I really want to get it out. If I keep fitzing with it, it'll never get mailed.

Last night, I admitted to my husband that I have been looking forward to this moment more than any other, including getting married and having children. I don't mean that it's more important than those events, but when I was in second grade and first wanted to do this, I wasn't thinking of marriage or babies. I wanted to write.

Wish me luck and pray that the editors enjoy reading Rohana!


Anonymous said...

hurrah! am so thrilled for you! it's quite an accomplishment, right? cindy

Val said...

Желаю удачи!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Amber!!!! You are such a fantastic writer and an inspiration to us all. Here's to the next Newberry! Kirsten

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Congrats Amber! You and Laini were in a virtual tie there on hitting "send" and I know what a HUGE relief it is and such a feeling of accomplishment to complete a giant project/task like that. We're SO proud of you over here and our fingers will be tightly crossed for good news for you!

Be well & hi to Jim!