Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow and Rain, Rain and Snow...

...make ice! That's my weather report for today.

My reading report is that Megan Whalen Turner's book, The Thief, is really very good, and my book has a long way to go.

I finished up draft two on Tuesday and printed it out last night. I'm doing something different with this reading, however; I'm using a purple pen! (It's a little happier than red, at the moment.) It's amazing how you can write something yourself, read over it half a dozen times, and then on the Xth time, you suddenly realize that it's all wrong. Or that it's cheesy. Or cliche. Or just bland. That's what I keep finding, and although it's disappointing not to discover any brilliance in my novel, it's nice to know that I'm still as determined now to keep going as I was on day one. More so, in fact.

On the bright side, Elizabeth can say "snow" now. It sounds a bit like "!" but she's got the right idea.

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