Thursday, March 8, 2007

slow week

I've been fighting off a cold this week and trying to keep Elizabeth free of it, so I haven't done anything for my book except a few character sketches. ([the old lady] is now called Paana, btw.) BUT my dad is here this weekend. He told me he'd only be here last night, but when he showed up, he said he'd be here all weekend. It's great news to me, because that means I've got a free babysitter. I'll do some writing, go out on a date with my hubby (it's been eons since we've done that), and do some more writing.

Saturday is my writer's group meeting. We meet twice a month but only submit once a month. I sent them chapter three (this critiquing is slow-going) and they'll be giving me feedback on it in just two days. Having a critique group is beneficial, especially one like this that's no-holds-barred. If it sucks or doesn't make sense, they let me know, but they're not mean about it. The coolest thing is that everyone's story is completely different. It's amazing how creative just one small group of people can be - imagine what the whole world could be!

Oh, it's nursing time, apparently. Ciao!

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Amber said...

Hello from "the other Amber"! hehe
Just thought I would come say hi. I saw you at Laini-bo-bani's. I hardly ever see someone near my age named Amber. (not that I know how old you are! But an adult).
It is neat to see another mom-writer.