Saturday, March 3, 2007

New Pic and a Plan

We went out to the grass on our street (doesn't that sound weird) and took pictures this afternoon. We got there later than I wanted (the sun was setting), but at least some of the pictures came out good. My mom wanted a picture of her in that dress.

This morning, after Jim got back from yoga (something we can't do together anymore), I went to a coffee shop and sat down to write. I ordered a latte, which was unusual for me since I'm a tea drinker, but I was feeling run-down. Whoo. Can't do that often. I talked to an older man for the better part of an hour before I finally settled in my chair and wrote. I did around a thousand words, which was nice. Then, when the writing got harder and I was grasping at what comes next, I looked at my calendar and made a rough plan.

1. Write 3,000 words a week. This shouldn't be too hard, and I'm aiming low. If I can do a thousand words in an hour or two, I should get enough time per week to make this goal.
2. Adding that up to 12,000 words a month, I should be done with the first draft by June. I will have a party, too, when that happens. How many people finish a novel, even just a first draft?
3. Work on Draft #2 and finish that by end of August. Yes, you writer friends are shaking your heads at my naivete, I know, but gosh darnit, I am motivated!

We're going to the bookstore in a bit so he can study for the GRE. I'm not expecting to get much writing time in tonight, but if she stays asleep at the store (1/50 chances on that happening), then I'll work on my characters. I'm tired of writing [the old lady] for one of the characters I hadn't intended on developing and using so much. She just won't leave - a downright boggery ole' polynesian lady.

(At this exact moment, Jim is upstairs changing Elizabeth's diaper and putting her in jammies. She is screaming. I feel a twinge of guilt, but then...they need alone time, right?)

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Laini Taylor said...

Cute picture! And I think your writing plan sounds really good. It's attainable, reasonable, but definite. Go for it, and good luck! I'm setting myself some major productivity goals for the coming months, too!