Thursday, September 10, 2009

So did I succeed? And guess who peed?

The house is clean. The kids are in bed. Dinner was cooked and was delicious. Peace and Quiet are now here to spend the evening with me.

During Henry's awake times, when I could not do much around the house, we played outside in the back yard. A family of deer visit us often, and I was happy to see this time that one of the babies no longer limps. (Unless it's a different set of deer.)

This is our tiny garden, by the way. We've got broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and tomatoes. We have no idea if we'll get anything before it frosts. Henry thinks that's fine, and says that the dirt it quiet edible.

Henry thought the deer were awesome, as is apparent in his wide grin.

Our yard is terraced. The top level is where the garden and the fence are, and then there's the middle level, which is where we have our compost pile, and then the bottom level, which is a beautiful, serene garden beneath a sequoia and a walnut tree. The deer like to nibble the soft grass and lounge there. (The deer seem really tiny in this picture.)

And in case you've never seen this...

Yes, mama deer always pees before meandering back into the woods. Guess that's like saying, "Hey, other deer, this is my spot."


Val said...

WoW! That's amazing!

Christina Farley said...

You have the most beautiful back yard. I love the green and your garden is adorable. I'm too scared to have a garden. I'd kill everything I'm sure. Even the weeds.

storyqueen said...

The title of your post cracked me up! And how beautiful is your yard? Wow. I would love to sit out there and write.


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! Fabulous backyard!