Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ten True Things

Cindy tagged me on this... Ten true things about me (that I'll share):

1. I had a crush on a boy in first grade. And I still remember his name. (No, I can't find him on facebook.)
2. I used cloth diapers on my daughter. But now I'm too lazy to do it for my son. And I feel guilty.
3. I don't like football.
4. I used to play rugby. (I love rugby.)
5. Anything science-related is super exciting for me. I've been glued to the Science Channel and Discovery Channel too much lately. I say it's for my future sci-fi book, but I really just use that as an excuse to stay on the couch.
6. My mom kept me backstage when she was doing dozens of plays, but I've only been in two myself.
7. In fourth grade, I told a boy I was going to name my daughter "Rebma" because it was my name backwards.
8. My math skills are subpar. I rely too much on hubby.
9. I killed a deer with my car and then spent a year without eating meat in penance.
10. I have nearly converted to half a dozen religions, leaving me confused.

Yeah, they're a little random. I was going to nominate other people, but hubby is calling for help so I must go now.


Jacqui said...

Re, #1: Michael Reading. I was mad for his rosy cheeks.

cindy said...

such an amber list. i love it! thank you for playing!! =D

Jill Corcoran said...

you killed a upsetting.

I didn't know your mom was an actress. Neat.

Amber Lough said...

Jill, my mom stopped acting before I was born, but as I grew up she continued being involved in the theater world. She directed lots of plays (which was when I was backstage) and taught at a few universities. Currently, she's teaching at a High School in Colorado doing both drama and ELA (which is the PC term for ESL nowadays). She's the best mom ever!