Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wisdom and Teeth...and a preggo pic

Elizabeth and I have something in common: we're both teething.

My upper wisdom tooth is coming in, strangely. I noticed it after lunch today. The dentists all said this one would never show itself and wouldn't even need to be extracted. Hmm. Could pregnancy have sped things up?

The last time I got a tooth removed was in Iraq, 2004. One of my teeth came up partly and irritated me to no end. The dentist, who had a whole lot of time on his hands (not a lot of dental work going on during deployments), offered to take it out. The only con was that he only had novocaine. I kept that tooth as a war trophy. I deserved it--the dentist had way too much fun.

Having a molar come through has brought up two things:
1. Teething isn't so bad. I don't need motrin. I'm not chewing on my hands. I'm not drooling. Why does she?
2. Getting new teeth makes you feel young. It's not something I expected to happen at the ripe old age of 28.

Now, since the cable that connects the camera to the computer is squished, I had to use my cell phone. Here I am, just minutes ago, at "36 weeks pregnant." This is not only to show you why my back is always hurting and I waddle like a Russian penguin on vodka pension, but because I do not have any high school pictures (a la Disco Mermaids challenge).


Jacqui said...

I'm proud! And you're gorgeous.

Suzanne Young said...

You are easily the most adorable pregnant woman on earth!!


cindy said...

you look beautiful...and big! come baby, come! =D

Jill Corcoran said...

You be gorgeous!
Doesn't look like you have dropped yet, so more waiting.....

Amber Lough said...

You all are too nice, really!

Jill--I doubt I'll drop anytime soon. I didn't drop until half-way through labor, last time. What I want is a "Cindy" labor...ask her about those.

Susan said...

I imagine you feel like crap, but YOU ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!! Give my little squirt a tummy rub from me. :)

-Auntie Susan