Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Nested House

I woke up this morning full of positive energy. It was amazing, as if I'd been off to a dreamland where they gave me special powers or a dose of antidepressants. (Instead, I dreamt that I was at an Amway gathering and they were trying to force me to buy into the program AND vote for McCain.)

By lunch time, most of the house had been picked up, cleaned, organized, and dealt with. The laundry was finally put into the correct drawers. The bathrooms were clean. I was buzzing (and hungry) and Elizabeth was happy. The energy kept up until this evening, when we were at the library's Halloween party. Amazing. The only thing that held me back from doing everything today was my aching back and the feeling of a bowling ball between my legs.

Could this be the proverbial "nesting" instinct? Or was I just finally energized enough to tackle the chaos in my home? I do hope I'm not suddenly bi-polar, because after dragging my feet for several months and feeling pretty much like luke-warm oatmeal, I was happy and rushing around and even organized the laundry room.

Maybe the baby's coming soon. I am 37 weeks now and "full term," so the boy is fully-cooked. Any day now...or maybe in a month. Who knows?

By the way, for those of you who don't know, from now on most pregnant women are obsessed with when labor will start, and most are "done" with being pregnant. I am certainly one of those women. Which is why I have been avoiding this blog--I don't want to suddenly turn it into a "when will my baby come" blog.


Elise Murphy said...

Hey! When will your baby come?

At some point you have to stop answering the phone because that question becomes oh so annoying. I always liked the, "Oh, hi, you're home. Still pregnant, huh?"


Text me on the way to the hospital!

Amber Lough said...

Well, I rarely get calls since I only have a cell phone, so I'd probably be all happy talking to someone, even if they asked me how much weight I've gained or something like that!

I'll surely text you. Even at 3 am?

Colorado Writer said...

Sounds like nesting! But you don't look like you've dropped. Start walking, sister.

Jill Corcoran said...

You look beautiful in your new blog pic!