Monday, October 6, 2008

Teen Writing Workshop #2

Tonight I'll be doing another writing workshop. Yay! This time, we're focusing on character development and then wrapping up the class with a writing prompt about secrets. (Ooooh....secrets....)

I'll tell you all about it when I get back, and I hope to have some pics or videos of the class.

We are showing two YouTube videos from Jackson Pearce to spice things up a bit. Her videos are the BEST EVER. Here they are:

This one is about using the Disney process in your writing:

This one is about's like cake:

Hope to have a fun evening. After this, it's all work, work, work. I got my revision letter from my agent, and so I'll be just a bit busy the next several weeks. I've got so much to do, not to mention the revision! I have to basically re-write my book, get the house ready for baby Henry (due in about 6 weeks), potty train my Dinosaur, and finish unpacking from our move. And all of this I want done by Halloween because I'll be full-term then, ready to pop (or unable to move).

Speaking of which, last night I had the honor of having the baby head-butt me in my spine/tailbone. It was not so fun. The sensation was something akin to having an alien trying to come out through my back.


Emily C. said...

Hi Ms. Amber!

Sorry I couldn't come to your workshop, it sounds like you will be doing a lot of cool writing projects. I'm in Maine now and it's my birthday!

It sounds like Henry took pleasure in keeping you up last night!


Elise Murphy said...

Oh, my! Well . . . good things come in threes, right? New house. Agent. Baby.

Let me know what I can do for you . . .

Anonymous said...

Ouch . . . I remember when I was full term with my daughter. I thought my pelvis was gonna give out! Sitting was painful, walking was painful!

Have a great time at your workshop(wish I could attend ;D), with the potty training, and revisions. Don't forget to rest up for baby Henry!

Take care.


Amber Lough said...

Emily--Happy 14th Birthday! Maine is gorgeous this time of year, so take lots of pics.

Elise--Maybe in fours? New House, Agent, Baby...Book Sale?? ;-)

Marie--Yes, isn't being pregnant fun? I fully believe that we are extremely uncomfortable so that later, when the baby's screaming for hours, we are extremely appreciative of having that particular baby that we don't do anything foolish. Maybe that's why so few mothers shake their babies while it's often the dad or a babysitter. (Although my husband is, somehow, more nurturing than I am.)

Jacqui said...


Love the second video especially. But now I need cake.

cindy said...

you are a pro! you'll be so ready to do the school visits when the time comes!! can't wait to hear all about it, amber!

Jill Corcoran said...

Amber, you are truly amazing!
Ok, now GO, GO, GO....
And heck, get that kid out of your butt...I recommend a little prego yoga. Works like a charm.

Edith said...

Best of luck with your revision, Amber!! Looking forward to seeing your name on Publisher's Marketplace! xo, E