Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A busy week and 3 nice things

I haven't posted anything lately because I'm waiting to decide on an agent and actually sign the contract before publicizing anything.

Also, I've been having insomnia issues (related to pregnancy? choosing literary agents? moving?). My energy level is rather low.

I am, however, excited about tomorrow night, when we get the keys to our new house. A house. A real one, with a garage and no attached neighbors. We'll be across the street from a playground, surrounded by other stay-at-home moms who go on morning walks. We'll have space, and storage, and a laundry room. I am deliriously happy. Or just delirious from the amount of work I'll have to be doing this weekend moving our stuff from one place to another. At least I've got the seven-months-pregnant excuse, so I won't have to move furniture or carry heavy boxes. ;-)

Now, a challenge: I dare you to think of three really good things you have done for other people this year. And then admit it right here in the comments section. I want to see what my friends have done for other this year--I think it would make us all smile. Don't be modest and hide anything, either. Revel in your niceness and generosity!

Here are mine (yes, they're lame, but I haven't been that nice this year, apparently):
1. I made dinner for someone who lost her baby, even though I barely knew her and didn't feel like it.
2. I gave up my evening writing time so my hubby could have more time to study.
3. I read to my neighbor kids, who have a tired single mom who doesn't do much with them (although we never got past chapter one, because they got bored).

Your turn!


Jacqui said...

What a nice idea! It's so hard sometimes to remember to give credit to ourselves when we're nice to others. Yours did make me smile. Now, though I have to worry I can't think of anything >:)

Okay. 1) I helped out, cooked for, gave advice to, etc. three new first-time moms, even though I only liked two of them.
2) I volunteered to teach writing to a homeless high school student.
3) I was recently "there" for a friend.


Val said...

Actually it made me think that I didn’t do enough for needy people. Shame on me!!!
But anyway:
1. Lent large amount of money to my friend.
2. Helped my co-worker to pass his exams in the university.
3. Gave charity to homeless people.

cindy said...

jacqui, haha that you only liked two of them! =D
i really can't think of anything. i'm so selfish. =(


1. i mailed a book to a blogging friend cause i knew she'd been coveting it.

2. been encouraging to a few online friends during the querying process, helped answer questions, cheerlead. =)

3. this week, i agreed to take jl's friend to school because the mom had another appt.