Thursday, April 10, 2008


Jim has been teasing me lately, saying I might be having twins. I'm happy (or rather, relieved) to report that on the screen today we only saw one baby. Having twins would be exciting, but a singleton is more manageable when you've already got one kiddo!
One of the good things about the ultrasound was that it dated the age of the embryo/fetus for us, since the timing has all been iffy. We're at 8 weeks, and now the due date is November 19th.

Elizabeth saw the baby on the screen, but she was more worried about what was happening to Mommy, I think. She has not concept whatsoever, which is just fine. It'll be a big surprise for her in seven months!

Oh, I have some great news! One of my writer friends from my critique group just achieved the status of "Agented Writer." We are all so thrilled for her. :-) Not only did she finally get an agent, but he seems very professional, knowledgeable, and excited with her book. He only had a few minor fixes for her to do and has already sent it out to five editors! Now, I've been telling her that the book was YA, and now that her agent has agreed, she's joined SCBWI. Finally! And even better...he sent her manuscript to the same editor I sent mine to! Now, how cool would it be if we both got contracts with the same editor? I've got my fingers crossed for her. (And me!)

And to top it all off, we're going to be roomies at the L.A. conference in August! :-)

As for my sent-off manuscript, I have reservations. I know they've read it, but I don't know what they think of it yet. And I probably won't know for weeks! The editor is extremely busy this month with a conference in Washington, and he just went to the book fair in Bologna, so he hasn't had time to do his normal editing job...which means everything is probably piling up. I sure don't envy him his work load! I just have to be patient and dig into this new book I'm writing.

In fact, I need to look up some professors. I need in-depth knowledge on the Queen of Sheba/Saba. Badly. And, like, how good were their ships at the time? And what did they eat? And what was her journey to Jerusalem like?


Anonymous said...

weee! make that 8 editors as of today. =D i told my agent (!!!) that 8 is a fortuitous number for the chinese. and i'm way excited about the conference now! let me know when it's time to register. we'll have so much fun!!!! cindy

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I'm so glad to hear an update about the newest member of the Lough clan. It's going to be so cool to meet the little squirt, and see Elizabeth be a big sister. :) Waiting to hear back about your book sounds reeeally tough - hang in there!

"Auntie Susan"