Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I ordered a few books last week, and I can't wait until they come! I've been having a difficult time getting into my story lately, and although reading Susan Fletcher's Alphabet of Dreams reawakened a bit of it, it also made me realize I have so much more to learn before I can jot down anymore.

I also ordered a book entitled Caravan Kingdoms, but I can't find an image for the cover. It'll have to wait until it gets here!

Eventually, I want to chum up with a prestigious professor or academic who knows all about Yemen in 1000B.C.


Anonymous said...

i love research books! i bought two books on eunuchs of imperial china yesterday, one of chinese ships at sea, and two on the royal concubines of chinese court. YAY! (this is for book 2 research.) cindy

Sustenance Scout said...

Amber, I'm catching up here...so much going on with you and your growing family! Hooray for the good news! I'm sorry you had such a scary start but am relieved it's all working out. Elizabeth will be a great big sister. A big sister who doesn't nap, but a great big sister anyway! Take care, good luck with your research and your ms that's making the rounds, and promise to forget the cleaning and laundry and sleep whenever you can. Hugs from (finally spring-ish!) Denver, K.