Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Writing Chapter Two

The essence of this chapter...

Really, I've got to get my hands on some myrrh. It would totally help me get into the mood. I haven't burned any myrrh since I lived in Bahrain, and that's been eons.

Today I got to drop Elizabeth off at the church again. Last week, when I most needed a break, they didn't have "Kids' Day Out,"so I had to manage for myself. (Her gymnastics class was also cancelled, and so we were both left with too much time together and not enough to do.)

What do moms do when they get a break? I initially went to the new tea cafe, but it wasn't open yet, so I went to Target and walked around. In the clothing section, I ran into another mom whose daughter is in the same class as Elizabeth, and we laughed. Then I perused the shoes, almost bought a pair of clear-glitter jelly ballet flats (um, shoes), and then walked through the kids' clothing. In the end, I bought a new toothbrush for Elizabeth and some Goldfish crackers (I was getting nauseous and needed something to munch on). I did glance at the maternity clothes, but got mixed feeling when I did so. One, I've got a box of maternity clothes packed away from the last time, and two, I don't know yet if/when I'll need to wear them.

As for my pregnancy, I have a feeling that if something was going to go wrong in the first trimester, it would have already. I gave another blood test today to check my hCG count. When that comes back, and if it's good, then I'll be able to finally see an OB (pregnancy doctor). Within a week or so, I should get another ultrasound just to check on everything. They'll be looking for a heartbeat or at least trying to see something there.

There, now that I've written out my life and probably did not amuse anyone, I've got to do my real writing--chapter two!

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Alicia said...

Hi Amber,
I am sorry for what you are going through. My sister just went through the same thing. They ended up finding a heart beat but the whole process scared her half to death. Hang in there. Wish you the best. Alicia