Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chapter One!

Elizabeth and my childhood doll, Molly:

I left Elizabeth at the Kid's Day Out center at 9:45 this morning (a bit later than usual) and went to the local coffee shop. After two teas, half a sandwich, a cup of mushroom and brie soup, and a small bag of chips, I had written the first chapter (and then some) of my new book. :-) Woohoo! Now I've got just enough time to tidy up around the house before I go pick her up.

Now, I'm totally psyched to share it with my trusted writing friends from San Diego--my old critique group. (Not that there's a new critique group. That'd be disloyal!)

By the way, in case you're wondering why I rarely post pics of myself, it's because I don't photograph all too well. She's a lot cuter to look at, too!

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely day this was! and i have to crit groups, so it is not disloyal to find another! i think it's critical to find good writing friends close by. tho it isn't an easy task. we got lucky! is there a local swcbi (er whatever that is?) chapter?

i really enjoyed your first pages. i think you can flesh it out a lot with research you do to bring the scenery to life, but you have his voice down already, which is so important. i envy you!

love all the fotos. i'd forgotten to visit i've been so obsessed with querying. argh! cindy