Wednesday, June 27, 2007

House for Sale

Ugh. It's just not fun selling our house. I imagine selling a home could be fun, in the right location and the right time, but at the moment, it's as uninspiring as a half-eaten bag of pretzels. No wait, less so. You could build a play fort with pretzel sticks - so that's pretty inspiring, actually.

We had the "Broker's Open" today, but only 7 people came. Two agents looking for their clients, one "design to sell" person, two agents looking around to see how their condos compare, and a single buyer looking for a place for his kids. Yes, it could have been worse, but zheesh! (I do have to admit it was better than I'd expected, though.)

Great news: I got my first freelance editing job. :-) It's a non-fiction book about the on-coming Armageddon and how the aliens/angels are selecting good people to go into an alternate dimension to save them. Yes, I know. Anyway, the book is quite a challenge because it's all over the place, but I'm having fun editing (um, rewriting, actually), and my customer is incredibly interesting and sincere. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come - editing jobs, not Armageddon.

More great news: The used car we bought a few months ago that was going to require $8,000 in repairs recently got a second opinion from a transmission shop. The repairs from them will cost us $300. Yes, quite a change! I was thrilled when I found out because who wants to spend $8,000 to fix a $4,500 car? We felt so trapped when we were facing thousands of dollars in repairs, so a few hundred is miracle. :-) Soon, I won't be stuck at home when Jim goes to work, so Elizabeth and I can go to parks, the beach, and maybe the Wild Animal Park during the day.

I am going to Lake Tahoe on the 6th of July for a college friend's wedding. I'm a bridesmaid, and this will be the first time I've been able to attend as a bridesmaid (twice before, I couldn't make it and I already had bought the dresses). Elizabeth is coming with me. The cool thing about this wedding is that we have to ride a ski lift up to the ceremony!

Here are two pictures from the cruise that my Uncle took... the second one is the best!


Susan said...

Ha! I love the pic of Jim. Congrats on your fist freelancing gig! Good luck editing the Armageddon. :)

Val said...

Hey! Privet from Russia. I'm so happy founding your new blog.
I really, really, really missed your posts.
As you do! Val.

Laini Taylor said...

Oh my god, that Armageddon book!!! Freaky! People ARE interesting, aren't they? Are they hoping to start a new religion, because really that doesn't sound any weirder than what Scientologists believe! As for the pics -- you look adorable, and Jim has such a total "Dear Lord what have I done?" look!

Good luck with selling the house! Good vibes!

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