Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy Busy

Can I just say that this past week was full of, well, stuff? Both kids were sick, as was I, and when my 3 year old is home from school, the schedule comes to a grinding halt. So, forgive me for not finishing up the last post! I never did assign any awards to anyone...and I'm not going to. Not now, not a week later. That would just be lame. So, here's a special award: anyone who reads this post between now and 12 p.m. EST on February 2nd gets a Gold Star sticker. Let me know, and I will mail you one. ;-)

Good news for last week was that I wrote a particularly difficult scene. I actually wrote it three times until I got it "good enough" to press on. And then I had to write the next scene, which was just as difficult. It wasn't as pivotal, but deciding what was going to happen, exactly, took some time. I have come into a sort of rhythm, lately. When I'm stuck, I write out a description of the scene, including the participants, the weather, the mood, and the events. As I do this, the scene comes more-or-less to life in my head, and when I open up Scrivener to write it all down, it comes out gushing (or at least in a steady flow).

Then the weekend happened, in which I got zero time to write. Truly. Unless I sacrificed one of my 6 hours of sleep, I was not going to get free time.

Well, this post was rather long*. You get two stars for making it this far!

Now, tell me, what's the book you're currently reading? I'm reading Sara's Key, sort of. It's actually so sad, that I have to balance it out with a Nancy Drew novel. I am not sure I can finish this book.

* I just deleted three paragraphs that were too personal. Muahaha.


Jonathon Arntson said...

I am currently reading EVERY SOUL A STAR by Wendy Mass. I was unsure if I could make it through a 400 page book from the perspective of three different adolescents, but so far, I like it. Wendy's a great writer, so I owe it to her to finish this one. Next up, HERO by Perry Moore.

Martha Flynn said...

I'm reading The Evolution of Culpurnia Tate - I've definitely been sacrificing some sleep for it.

Amber Lough said...

I think I'd like both of those books. The problem with Sara's Key is that small children keep dying at the hands of evil humans (the Holocaust) and it just hurts to read it. Plus, it gives me nightmares.

Gold stars are on their way!

Christine Danek said...

I am reading Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and I really love it. I have two small children too and am trying to fit in my love for writing and taking care of the little buggers.

Kelly said...

I'm finally reading The Hunger Games.
Gold stars for everyone ;)!

DL Hammons said...

Gold! I'm reading ECHO PARK by Michael Connelly.

Val said...

A-A-A-A! I’m late. Shame on me!
I’m reading ”Zero” by Masatake Okumiya (fascinating memoirs about Japanese air-forces in WW2). That’s not a kinder-book but anyway.
Also (followed by your ad. Thank you for that) I ordered “City of thieves” by David Benioff and looking forward to get it soon.