Friday, January 15, 2010

Character Pics

Do you find real photos of what you imagine your characters to look like? I do. It helps tremendously in making me feel like these people are real.

Most of you know I'm writing a book about a jinn. Her name is Nashwa, and in my mind, she looks like this:
Isn't she beautiful? In real life, this woman really is named Nashwa. She's an actress. The Nashwa of my novel is 17 and grew up in an underworld cavern next to the Lake of Fire.

Nashwa's life changes when she is assigned to this human:

That's Kamal, son of the Qaliph of Baghdad. (Ok, in reality, this photo is of Ahmed, "Mr. Bahrain.") Iblis, Jinn Lord of the Underworld, has decided that Kamal will help him in his war against humanity...with Nashwa's help.

Of course, Nashwa has some issues with Iblis' commands when she meets Kamal.

Hopefully, I'll be done with this soon. Gah! Finding time has been harder than usual lately. My son has been sick and I had a wisdom tooth pulled, but I am finally getting back to it.

In other news, Jim and I finished watching BBC Drama's North and South last night. Swoon. It was incredible. Now I really want to read the book. Right now, though, I'm reading Ice.

Happy Writing!


Jacqui said...

I can't use pictures of my characters -- they never look perfect. I think it's because I always picture my characters in movement and the sound of their voice, with only a few, key visual points. Like I never picturing specifically what color someone's eyes are, but I know exactly what her sneakers look like when she balance-beam walks on the curb.

Anna said...

Wow, those are some good-looking characters. No wonder you want to keep hanging out with them! Like Jacqui, I haven't had much luck with using pictures for characters. But I've been trying out new techniques lately, so maybe I'll give it another chance. Happy writing!

Joanna R. Smith said...

Very nice!! Have you been watching Bollywood flicks lately? :-) I'll cast actors as my characters if they seem to fit, but half the time I can't find any that do.

Also, BBC's North & South = LOVE. (I need to read the book, too.)

Anonymous said...

Nashwa is hot!

V. S said...

Great pictures! her hair is gorgeous!
I have never found a celebrity who looks like my MC, maybe his love interest but not him.

Lucky you!

Kaylie said...

I like that idea. I think, though, that you have to be pretty certain about your character before you figure out what she or he looks like. Once I'd written several chapters before I decided to change my character's name. As soon as her name changed, so did her eye color, weight, and face shape.

Anita said...

I totally do this, but usually not until after I'm done with what I'm writing...otherwise, I spend too much time looking through the internet for photos. One of my followers located a Cinna (a character in the every excellent THE HUNGER GAMES) for me the other day. It's amazing how we can all have the same picture in our minds of what a character looks like.

Jonathon Arntson said...

I wonder who Anita is referring to...

But, anyway, I agree with Jacqui, there is never an exact match for me, so I usually mentally combine photos of people and go from there.

Anita - It is amazing that sometimes we have the same idea in our heads, regarding what a character will look like, but I often feel that no one has the same idea when movies come out. I mean, the Harry Potter movies are an A+ example of casting, but I worry that The Hunger Games team will not be as meticulous with their picks.