Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Writing in the Darkness of Morning

Catchy title, no? Wish I could come up with titles like that for my books!

Last night, just after the kids were asleep, I moaned and groaned about how I haven't had any time to write lately. Hubby said, "why not write now?" and I complained that I was too tired. Then he said, "well, if you go to bed now and wake up at 4:30, you'll have eight hours of sleep." I agreed, but only with his math.

Then I checked my email, got lost for a bit in facebook, and then decided I should be determined and write this book. Even if it means I need to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. (I had just read Laini Taylor's blog about determination and writing.)

It took a while to fall asleep, and I was up at least three times with the baby (but just barely...I don't think I wake up all the way). Then, just before the alarm went off, I woke up. When it started beeping, I pushed hubby out of the bed (baby was on the other side of me and I was NOT going to risk waking him up), made myself some tea and a bottle just in case my husband needed to feed the baby. By a quarter-to-five, I was at my desk.

Did I get much written? Well, no, but I did scan through my last written chapter and kept my internet time limited to information directly related to my book. Today was practice.

But I will get it done. There's something beautiful and sacred about writing in the last shards of shadows.


Elindomiel said...

I've gotten up early to write before. For me it was an interesting feeling to be up before the rest of the world, but ultimately I found that I wasn't at my most productive in the mornings. But it varies from person to person! And, having finished a book, you are obviously far more dedicated than I am anyway! Good luck!

Kelly said...

4:30am? And waking up with a baby? That IS determination!
Good luck with your new morning routine!

Christina Farley said...

I'm with you! Early mornings are best for me to but I complain the whole way to the computer.

Sometimes it helps me get up if I have everything ready. Like my outlines out, my coffee mug already prepped, my headphones set up if I need some music to wake me and of course a snuggly blanket if it's cold.

I hope you get in there grove one way or the other but having little ones makes it soooooo hard!!!!

Martha Flynn said...

Good luck! Practice makes perfect. :)

All I know is waking up early to workout has been a complete waste...but maybe waking up early to stay in snuggly pajamas in front of a computer will be easier!

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

For me the early-rising thing works, but only at the right time of year.

I'm in the middle of Alaska (what region are you in?) so I'm very responsive to the light. About Mid-February-- and certainly by March and flying by April and May-- the LIGHT (the *glorious* light!) enables all sorts of miracles including early mornings.

(I found you from a comment on the SCBWI boards and clicked through because of your blog-title; my kids have just about finished with naps.)

One of my novels has a mid-east setting; is there a place/post where you give the premise of what you're working on? I'm really curious having seen you mention the music.

Amber Lough said...

Thanks for the luck, ladies!

Christie and Martha, you're both right. It's all about pjs and a hot cuppa.

Amy, email me and we can chat about our books. :-) And you should check out Verla Kay's discussion board. I gave up on the SCBWI one b/c it was so slow. Seems that everyone's at the blueboards. Alaska--brrr. Although I can say I've been there in January and did freeze a little.

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

I'd love to e-mail but didn't know where to find yours (mine is linked on my blogger page if you're avoiding putting yours out).

Which boards are you referring to? I haven't heard of those. (I know what you mean about SCBWI being slow-- I tried them out a couple years back when I first joined and after becoming aware of the pace hadn't been back till last night.)

Ello said...

Honestly, I am just not a morning person. I much prefer writing til 2AM instead of waking up at 4. So weird right?

But am glad you did it!! Good luck!!

Kaylie said...

I keep telling myself I'm going to get up early and write, too. I did for a while and got some good stuff done. But that was all before baby #3 was born (and before she decided 1 am is bedtime). And before potty training baby #2. But it's OK. I'll get there again eventually. Other early risers like you inspire me.

Laini Taylor said...

Good for you! (I'm glad to hear it can be done with a baby in the house. Not to mention a toddler!) It's just been a few days that I've been *rededicated* to early morning writing, but I'm loving it. As for 4:30 . . . hm. Sounds early!!!

Colorado Writer said...

Sometimes, I take my laptop to the library after husband gets home from work. No internet and 2 hours there, and I'm a new person...