Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes! Almost 2,000 words!

Although my daughter did not nap*, I managed to sneak away to ancient Arabia for a few hours. I sipped orange-mint tea and found out that my MC is going to have an annoying but adorable friend tag along for a bit... Fun!

*She does not nap because she thinks she's grown up, hence the photo:


Kelly said...

Adorable photo! My four year old has a "quiet time" in his room most days. I try to find writing time during his quiet time, but I end up doing laundry or housework! It's hard to concentrate knowing a lil guy might sneak next to you on the couch to snuggle or do a puzzle! So much of my writing time has been delegated to when the kids go to bed, lately I've been too tired to write. When's spring?! :0)

Nel said...

Congrats on getting that wordcount!! I know it's so hard to squeeze in the time. But so worth it!

Christina Farley said...

Great blog! Good luck on those naptime write times. Do I ever know about those. sounds like Arabia is a fun place to go to!