Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Right Idea

See these penguins? They're smarter than your average penguin...

Why stand out in the vast plains of Antarctica, when you can build your nest with your mate in nice, secluded coastal brush?

When I woke up today, it had snowed three inches or so and was mighty frigid. The cat wanted out, and when I opened the door, he was nearly blown over. (He changed his mind.) I think I'm more like the yellow-eyed penguins of the above pic--I'd much rather hole up somewhere comfy and wait it out.

And yet, I have no desire to dive into really really really cold water and swim about for dinner.

On a side note (ok, not really a side note but my trumpeting call) I think I finally figured out how my book will end. *sigh of relief* I was as clueless as anybody, and so I perused the How to Write books at Border's and saw, to my devilish delight, the Novelist's Boot Camp. It's written like your average Army manual--it even includes breaks for push ups--and shows you how to plan and execute your mission; which is, of course, your novel. Catchy book, no? Anywho, there was a chapter on "Have an Exit Strategy" and I thought I should take a peek. After that, I wrote up a short paragraph on what happens in the end after the series of events yet to be written, and voila! An Exit Strategy!

Ok, off to read a chapter in Click and then get some shut-eye. For at least an hour or two before the Queen wakes up.

Someone today told me I should dose her up with Benadryl at night to get her to sleep more. Although tempting, I'm just not sure of it. I don't think I'd like to be drugged up by people to remain unconscious longer... Would you? Of course, I'm saying this now after over a year of not sleeping enough. It seems that if I've waited this long, why bring out the WMD now?

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Sustenance Scout said...

Hi Amber! Not sure when you'll get to blog again with your big drive almost upon you! Safe travels!! Just wanted to say 1) there's no need to apologize for missing us Tuesday, especially since we weren't able to stay long anyway. It would've been awful if you'd gotten E. up early from her nap only to meet with us for a few minutes before we had to run. So no worries!! 2) you're so right to hesitate on the Benadryl option...just fill her belly and hope for the best. One of my doctors insisted when my first daughter was a baby that my husband and I kiss her goodnight, turn out the light, and not go back into her room no matter how much she hollered. Stay outside the door and listen to make sure she's not hurt but stay out! It's hard but it'll work. Being in your own house will help a bunch too. See you next time you're in town to visit family! K.