Monday, November 12, 2007

Back in the Swing of Things

A cliche I love to say!

Here's where my mind goes to during every break I get in the day:
Isn't it beautiful?

Last night I finally got back on track and wrote a scene--and it's wasn't a re-write, it was an addition! I found a way to get myself moving forward. The problem was that I knew I had things I wanted to change in the first hundred pages, and I couldn't get myself to move much past that without going back and making the changes.... so I printed the first 110 pages off, went to Border's on Saturday night, and sat there for about two hours with a red pen. I marked out the changes I wanted to make and did a read-through all in one, and PRESTO! I can now move forward. I'll go back and actually DO the changes after the first draft is finished. It's simple, but it's like magic! (You have no idea, but trust me on this one.)

The piece I wrote last night entailed an attempt to run away from a chasing Maori man and a successful escape from a burning house by tearing through the thatched walls. Exciting! My parents were watching Elizabeth in the basement and watching something on SciFi (Atlantis something-or-other) and I could hear lots of screaming and village-plundering, which was perfect. I should have recorded it, because tonight's scene is when the really gory stuff begins. You know, the massacre and Eating of Man. How delicious! Roasted forearm, anyone?


Sustenance Scout said...

Amber, you and Laini belong together, LOL! So glad you're making progress; I've been making progress cleaning house for the past two weeks for some reason. Compulsive? Yes. Nesting? Definitely not! A productive way to write a short story collection? Ditto. So I'm trying to shift gears and here I am surfing blogs. We'll get there! K.

p.s. We need to touch base in person before you move to Maryland, btw!

Val said...

Why don’t you think about how your book could be illustrated?
To my opinion that would be great to add some impressive pictures for helping readers to plunge deeper into the plot.
And the book would be thicker.;-)