Monday, February 5, 2007


I'm over the 50-page mark, over 12,000 words. Now, at last, I feel like I'm getting somewhere. A writer at last, and on the way to being published.

Yes, I know, even after the first draft is written, it's a long long long way until the book is in the stores. But it will be, if I keep at it. I have a quote by Winston Churchill next to my computer: Never, Never, Never Give Up!

That's there for now when I am writing the book and will stay put through all of the guaranteed rejections I'll get from solicited agents. And then for the rejections the smart agent will get from the publishers. But some day, it'll be there. If I never give up.

Even when I hate it and think I'm a horrid writer. I have those days about as often as I think I'm doing darn good for a rookie.

My last paragraph thus far is: No, nevermind. I'm not going to post it. Not only am I afraid of someone stealing, but I'm a little bashful. It's a FIRST DRAFT, after all. :-)

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