Monday, April 18, 2011

Three New Things

I'm supposed to be writing, so I'll make this as brief as I can....And I apologize for the absence of pictures.

Saturday's new thing: Wrote in my neighbor's cozy little office while she watched my kids downstairs. Also, came up with a new opening scene that introduces three antagonists (three!) much earlier in the story line.

Sunday's new thing: The family and I (and some friends) checked out the dollar theater. We saw Knomeo & Juliet, which was better than expected. Plus, it was cheap.

Today's new thing: Reading the Newspaper.

Yes. It's sad, but true. Reading the NY Times is something I've never really done. I mean, I've looked at newspapers, but read them? When I was in college and at Intelligence school, the professors and instructors always mentioned (i.e., nagged) us about reading the paper. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. It took time. It was depressing and boring, all at once. I'd rather be reading something real, like novels. But today, to keep myself from playing Backgammon on my cell phone while drinking coffee, I read a bit of the NY Times.

If I keep this up, I'll have to actually get a *gasp* subscription to the Times!


Val said...

Reading newspapers is boring? It used to. But nowadays every news-article is like a fascinating novel.
For example:
“Most Americans don't realize just how much hatred there is for America in the rest of the world” – I couldn’t say better.
For getting picture right you need to look at it from different angles. Try this one:

Sophia Richardson said...

Sounds like trying new things is going well for you! If I wasn't such a lazy scaredy-cat I might be encouraged to do the same.
- Sophia.

anna said...

I love the whole trying-new-things concept. It's quite inspiring really!